4 Year Program

4 Year Old Program

4 Year Program: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:15 AM- 1:15 PM

The Pre-K program is for our oldest children. This program teaches pre-readiness skills through our theme based curriculum. The children’s instructional setting exposes them to craft projects, music, literature, movement activities, cooking fun and science lessons. Show and Tell Time is another important part of their program. It helps to develop both verbal and public speaking skills. The children’s social skills are enhanced through co-operative play and working in both large and small group settings. Our Pre-K children learn in a fun-loving, happy and caring environment to become independent, self-confident, socially, emotionally and academically well-adjusted youngsters, who will be preparing for their transition into Kindergarten.

*Children bring lunch daily. The class will enjoy lunch at school and an additional hour of school allowing more fun-learning!*