History Of Green Tree Church


In 1831, through the visiting ministry of Sarah Righter, a preacher among the Brethren, Bella
Fitzwater was converted. As members of her family and other area residents were also baptized,
the first Brethren here helped build the Union Church in Lumberville (now Port Providence)
together with some Methodists in 1832. For a time, they also gathered in homes for prayer
meetings and worshiped in the Green Tree School House (which later became the church annex).
In 1845 the Green Tree Meetinghouse was built for Brethren worship. It was later remodeled
after the pattern of other churches (1890). In 1975 a new church building was completed across
the road from the old structure. In November 1984, a mortgage burning ceremony was held
during the 150th anniversary celebration of the founding of the congregation (dated 1834 with the
calling of the first minister). The old church site is now marked by a memorial stone which was
dedicated in August 1985. In 1998 the new Multi-Purpose Room and kitchen were constructed, and the fellowship hall
was remodeled. In May of 2012 an endowment fund was established. In September of 2013 Little Acorns Preschool offered its first classes.