Covid -19 Health + Safety Plan

Please note the following health precautions that will be in place during summer camp and this fall:

Face Coverings:

All faculty and students will be required to wear a face covering that cover the nose and mouth at all times.

Children will be required to wear a face covering indoors and outdoors if they cannot remain 6 ft apart. We will have scheduled face mask and water breaks.

Please send 2 extra masks to school each day in your child’s backpack so that children can replace masks if needed.

This order applies to all children aged two and older. Order will remain in effect until further notice.

Physical Distancing:

As it is extremely difficult to prevent young children from coming in close contact with one another and teachers, our goal is to limit the number of people in close contact in order to lower the risk of transmission. We are employing the overall strategy of self- contained groups throughout the day to minimize interactions with other classes.

  • Parents/Visitors are not permitted in the building at this time
  • Children will arrive/dismiss at different times: 2 year= 9:15-11:45/3 year= 9-12/4 year= 9:15-1:15
  • Each class will have designated specials/outdoor play to prevent co-mingling


Teachers will review cleaning expectations and protocols at the start, and throughout the year

There will also be increased regular cleaning and disinfecting, especially on high touch surfaces

Cleaning of tables and chairs will occur throughout the day

At the end of the each day, cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces and high touch areas will occur.


Classrooms will have open windows and doors whenever possible

Snacks and Lunches:

Each child will need to bring a snack/lunch/water bottle with them to school. We are no longer able to offer snacks/drinks.

Snacks/Lunches should be: Tree-nut/peanut Free

Items that do not need to be heated or refrigerated

Please label all items.

Place in bags/containers that your child can easily open.

Sick Policy

Children must be kept home if they are not feeling well. Children who are exhibiting the signs/symptoms of COVID-19 will NOT be permitted to attend school.

Travel Guidlines

If traveling outside of the commonwealth your child is permitted to attend school upon return as long as he/she is showing no symptoms. If you are traveling out of the country your child must remain home for 14 days or produce a negative test in order to return to school.