3 Year Old Program


3’s through Young 4’s


General Information

Class Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00-12pm


Class size is limited to 12-14 children.  There is one teacher and one assistant conducting this class. Age requirement is 3 by August 31st.  This class may be a positive experience for those children who have not had any preschool or group experiences.


Program Overview

This class offers a theme-based curriculum using high-quality children’s literature as springboard to develop a variety of readiness skills. Research tells us that children learn best through play, so along with good books we engineer the environment for play that promotes learning.  The children experience a well-balanced day with activities that are both active and quiet while always allowing each student to be engaged.

Our curriculum has been developed to be used as a guideline as we strive to never lose sight of the fact that each child comes to us as an individual; unique, and responding to activities differently. Teachers work hard to help each young child transition positively from home to school.  We feel children should find school a joyous and exciting place to be.  A high-priority is placed on developing social and emotional skills which are vitally important in being successful in later school years and throughout life.