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Our “Frigid” February 2015!

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Despite the record cold temperatures of February our classes have been busy learning through play each day.  We have been so grateful for our full size gym space this winter.  We have been spending time there each session.  The children enjoy playing a variety of cooperative group games such as making “human” sandwiches and “What Time is it Miss Evelyn.”  They are getting to practice important motor and social skills while getting exercise and burning off some energy.

We also had fun this month learning about animals of the North and South Poles.  The educator from the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy came to our school and taught us about some of them and we continued a more in-depth study of Penguins using great children’s literature such as Tacky The Penguin.  The children loved making Walrus masks and creating their own Tacky penguins to hang in our classroom.